About Us

Eric Sirkin

Eric is a 30 year veteran of Silicon Valley whose tenure included early staff position at Xerox PARC during the early 1980s, Senior Director New Media at Apple, Sr. Vice President Engineering/Operations at GetThere and either founder or early Engineering Management Executive at several startups. He holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from UC-Berkeley. He has changed technical field no less than 7 times including semiconductors, circuit design, chip design, systems, IP networking, OS level software and mobile phone applications. He resides in Jerusalem and works in Tel Aviv with an outstanding group of co-workers, who are responsible for bringing DiamondDox to life. When Eric is not working on DiamondDox he can be found sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

Omry Levy

Autodidactic by nature, Omry started to code in assembler on the Commodore 64 at the age of 12 in the 1980’s and hasn’t stopped since. Omry has held numerous software development roles in the past 15 years at several Israeli Companies. His expertise includes mobile and back-end development, Linux & Windows internals, networking and everything that can be programmed. Previously he was a founder at Hoozin, an immersive cutting edge mobile phone chat application where he was Chief Technical Officer. When not programming, Omri spends his time with is wife and two daughters. He lives by, “A day without coding is not a day worth living…”

Elisha Shapiro

Elisha is Co-Founder and Development Manager at Syncode Software Ltd. He has more than seven years experience as a senior developer, including roles at Conduit Ltd. as Lead Developer. Elisha holds a B. A. in Behaviour Science.

Shai Lanir

Shai is Partner and Creative Director at Dvivo Design. After graduating from The Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, he co-founded Dvivo as a place of visual thought and practice, bridging design philosophy with the everyday needs of the client. Working with both start-ups and well established companies, Shai is responsible for both the visual strategy and the UI/UX design of complex digital products and services.

Daniel Kopitchinski

Daniel has over 16 years of professional experience in the software and industry. A lot more if you count the time programming as a hobby.
He's passionate about building great software, and even more passionate about software and network security.
If he isn't hacking away at code, product or architecture design, he's probably cooking, cycling or traveling.

Maxim Kogan

Maxim is a technologist from his very childhood. He started his career writing computer games for his own pleasure, and later shifted to other fields as well.
Nowadays his main occupation is consulting on security and agile practices, doing research projects and playing with his beloved dogs Buba and Hilazon.