Registration Help

Required Fields

All fields can be modified after registration by accessing ‘My Account’.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Password
    Password must be between 8 to 32 characters and may include:
    Lower case characters   abcdefg…
    UPPER CASE characters    ABCDEFG…
    Digits   0123456789
    Special characters   @$!~%^&*()….
    As you enter password characters the DiamondDox assistant measures the strength of your entry. It permits you to store the entry ONLY when the strength has reached Medium or stronger.
  5. Password Confirm

Optional Fields

All fields can be modified after registration by accessing ‘My Account’.

  1. Related Profession
    If you are a professional – Accountant, Estate Attorney or Private Wealth Manager (or Financial Planner) – servicing the Estate Management Industry DiamondDox provides you capabilities for assisting your clients in managing their Legacy Documents. Select your professional role, if applicable. If not, select ‘Regular’.
    You will be able to make changes in the My Account section of the web service.
  2. Company Name
    If you register as a professional you are requested to enter the name of your company.

Email Verification

  1. Verification Page
    After registering the Account Verification Page is shown. At the same time a Welcome Message is sent to the email address used when registering your account. Via this page you have the ability to resend an email to the registered address in the event that an earlier message was lost in transit.
  2. Welcome Email
    After registering a Welcome Message will be sent to the email address you used when registering your account. In that email is a button ‘Activate Account’ that you must click in order to complete the registration process. This is done to make sure the email address is valid and in use. If you didn’t receive it you may need to check your SPAM folder.

Login Help

Required Fields

  1. Email Address
  2. Password


  1. Failed attempts
    If EITHER your email address OR password do not match your user record the system registers it as a failed attempt. You are allowed to make 2 failed attempts before a small graphic reCaptcha appears on the Login Page.
  2. Why don’t you tell me which of my entires is incorrect – email address or password?
    The DiamondDox service does not tell you which is incorrect because it would be a security violation. If we did that, a hacker would use that information to help them in gaining access
    to your account.
  3. reCaptcha
    • reCaptcha Popup
      After 2 or more failed attempts to enter the correct email address and password combination the reCaptcha popup is shown. Select the ‘I am not a Robot’ check box. In some cases this is all you need to do. In other cases you will then be asked to select specific set of images from a larger collection based on a question at the top of the Select Image Popup. The language of the reCaptcha is selected based on the systems detection of your Internet Protocol (IP) Address. For example, if you are accessing the system from Paris it will ask you in French, or German if you are in Berlin or Spanish if you are in Mexico City.
    • Select Image Popup
      If the Select Image Popup appears follow the instructions and select the correct images. If you choose incorrectly you will be given additional chances. Each attempt will ask a different question and show a different set of images. There is no limit to the number chances you will be granted to select a right set of images. But, bear in mind that Google (who offers this service) tracks your failed and successful attempts. If you fail too many times it may cause the system to force you to select images either on DiamondDox or other web sites using reCaptcha when unnecessary.
    • reCaptcha Timeout
      There is a one minute timeout to the reCaptcha process. If not completed in the allocated time you simply need to check the ‘I am not a Robot’ box again and restart the reCaptcha process.
    • Why does DiamondDox use reCaptcha?
      DiamondDox uses reCaptcha as a means of protecting your private data and documents from unauthorized access. Nefarious hackers across the internet frequently employ computer systems to randomly guess your password using sophisticated algorithms to gain access to your internet accounts. These computer systems hit the login page at a frequency of thousands of attempts per second until they guess the right password. reCaptcha uses a visual based image selection system that is designed to make it extremely difficult for a computer to guess. In this way your account is safer than it would be otherwise.
    • Who developed and manages reCaptcha?
      reCaptcha was originally developed by researchers in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The technology was later acquired by Google. You can read more at:
    • Is DiamondDox committed to reCaptcha?
      No. DiamondDox is committed to do what it can and employ whatever technologies become available to protect the data and documents you choose to store on your DiamondDox account. If we learn that hackers have learned how to overcome reCaptcha or if we find a better service DiamondDox will integrate it. Again, we are committed only to do what we can to protect our customers.
  4. Password Entry
    All reCaptcha does is provide you the ability to make multiple attempts to enter the correct email address AND password. If you select the correct images from the reCaptcha you must still enter the correct email AND password.

Account Recovery

In the event that you forget your password it will be necessary to recover your account. Some web sites do this by sending an automated message to your email account with a link back to the web site. Because your password is one of several elements used in creating the encrypted key used to securely encrypt both the data and documents stored on the DiamondDox System our process is a bit more complicated.

Your documents and data are protected using a rigorous encryption infrastructure preventing anyone, including DiamondDox staff, from “viewing” them. Because we treat your information with such care, the only way we are able to recover your account is through the manual intervention of multiple DiamondDox customer support staff. In this way no single employee is able to circumvent the system’s protection. This is explained in more detail under Help>Your Account>Account Recovery.

Because Password Recovery requires manual intervention it may take as long as 24 hours to complete.

When the process is complete you will receive a system generated email notification with a temporary password and instructions . If you do not have a mobile phone number registered with your account you will be required to do so in order to better protect your account in the future.

Thank you for your patience.

  1. Click on ‘Forgot Your Password?’ from the Login Page
    You will be navigated to the Password Recovery Page.
  2. Password Recovery Page
    Enter your email address and click on ‘Recover’ Button. The Account Recovery email is then sent to your email account, assuming it matches your record in the DiamondDox system. If it does not you will be told.  What happens next depends on whether you have entered and validated your mobile phone number in your account. If you have not you will be required to do so by following steps 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 below. If you have you will be only required to follow steps 6 to 9.

    No Validated Mobile Phone Number:
  3. Enter Mobile Phone Email
    The DiamondDox System sends the Account Recovery Request Email to your account inviting you to enter a mobile phone number. Select the ‘Enter Mobile’ Button and the Mobile Verification Page will open in your browser.
  4. Mobile Verification Page
    On the Mobile Verification Page you will be requested to enter your mobile phone number. If you have an international phone number be sure to enter a ‘+’ at the beginning, followed by your country code, area code and number. If you are using a USA mobile phone number the ‘+’ is not required. But the US country code of 1 should precede the area code and phone number. With the exception of the ‘+’ character only digits are accepted for entry. Once you have entered your mobile number select the Send SMS Button. A six digit validation code will be sent to your mobile phone and you will be navigated to the Mobile Phone Verification Page in your web browser.
  5. Mobile Phone Verification Page
    On this page you will enter the six digit code sent to your mobile phone. If you made an error entering your mobile phone number you may re-enter it on this page. This SMS code is valid for 5 minutes. If the time between the selecting the Save Button on the Mobile Phone Verification Page and entering the six digit code has expired, select ‘Resend authentication code’ Link on the Page. After entering the validation code, select the Validate Button. If it was entered incorrectly you may request another code be sent by selecting the ‘Resend authentication code’ Link. If it was entered correctly you are navigated to the Reset Page and the behavior is the same as if you had previously entered and validated a mobile phone number into your account. The process flow jumps to step 7. below.

    Validated Mobile Phone Number:
  6. Account Recovery Email
    If you have entered, and validated, a mobile phone number into your account, selecting the ‘Recover’ Button on the Password Recovery Page causes the system to send the Account Recovery Email to the email address entered on the Page. When you click on the ‘Password Reset’ Button in the email the Reset Page will open in your browser.

  7. Reset Page
    The Reset Page provides a description of the subsequent steps to be taken. When you select the “OK” Button on the Reset Page, the DiamondDox system will send the Account Recovery Acknowledge Email with a 12 character Temporary Password
  8. Account Recovery Acknowledge Email
    From within the Account Recovery Acknowledge email click on the ‘Recover’ Button. The System will send an SMS/Text message to your mobile phone with a six digit code from the address DiamondDox. It will also open your browser to a window with the Change Password Page. Make note of the 12 character Temporary Password shown prominently in the email and the six digit code in the SMS/Text message.
  9. Change Password Page
    The Account Recovery Page has four text fields:

    • Old (Temporary) Password,
    • New Password,
    • Confirm Password AND
    • Validation Code.

    Manually enter (or copy/paste) the Temporary Password sent in the email manually into the Old Password field. Create a new password and enter it into the New Password field. You will be informed as you enter the password into the field if it conforms to our entropy tests. Then enter the new password again into the Confirm Password Field. Finally enter the six digit validation code that was sent via SMS into the Validation Code Field. The six digit SMS validation code has a 5 minute expiration period. If more than 5 minutes has expired click on the Resend new code via SMS/Text and you will receive another SMS/Text message with new code. Select the ‘Save’ Button on the Change Password Page to store your new password.

  10. Account Recovered Email
    Per the description on Reset Page, the DiamondDox Service protects your Documents using an encryption methodology that prevents any one person, including the DiamondDox staff, from decrypting your Documents without knowledge of your password. Your password is never stored on the DiamondDox system, but is one way encrypted so no one can access it. Thus, not even the DiamondDox staff can access your password. The only way that a user’s encrypted Documents can be recovered is through the collaborative efforts of multiple members of the DiamondDox customer support staff. This process could take as long as 24 hours, typically less. You will receive an email notifying you when the process is completed.