How is DiamondDox different from other cloud based storage services?

The DiamondDox Service has been designed to help you collect, archive, secure and share Your Legacy – those
documents, photos, videos, that you have collected through your life, define your assets and intend to pass on.
Accordingly, the current features in the Service, as well as those released in the future, are optimised to assist you
in this process.

Document Sharing – Other Services

When you share a file using Other Services those services send the shared party(s), via email, a url to the file or
folder that you wish to share. Those shared parties are able to view, download, in some cases edit and, if they are
also a customer, store the document in their account. At that point the designated users have control over what
happens to that document, and you don’t.

Document Sharing – DiamondDox

When you share a document using DiamondDox the shared parties are able to see that the document is in their account,
the document’s title/properties and with whom else you shared it. But they are only able to “view/download” the
document if you have given them permission to “see it now”. Why does this matter? For purposes of illustration,
consider the case of your legal documents – will, trust, power of attorney, healthcare directive. In most cases you
will want to share these with your your attorney, executors, guardians of any minor children, healthcare agents, etc.
immediately as they have a need to know. However, you may choose to share these with your beneficiaries (heirs) only
in the future, such as in the event of your death. Or consider the case of your bank statements. You will want to
archive these into your DiamondDox account as part of your assets and you may even want to share them with your
beneficiaries. But few people would want their beneficiaries to see the contents of their bank accounts until it was
necessary – such as their death. The key is – you maintain total control over these documents throughout.

Document Control – Other Services

Once you share a document with another party they can view, download, archive and share it. You have lost

Document Control – DiamondDox

Those parties with whom you have shared a document are able to see that the document is in their account, but they
are unable to modify its title, move it or delete it. Moreover, if you have set their delivery to some point in the
future they are unable to view or download it until that time arrives. You have control.

Files, Documents – Other Services

When you store a file using Other Services you can modify its title, store it in a folder that you create, then move
or delete it.

Files, Documents – DiamondDox

You have pretty much the same capabilities in DiamondDox as in the Other Services. But DiamondDox actively assists
you in determining which types of documents you should be archiving in Your Legacy, where they should be placed, with
whom to share them and when to share them. You can override any of these “suggestions” at any time you like, but this
active way of assisting is intended to help you put Your Legacy in order – not just for yourself but also your loved
ones. DiamondDox also sends gentle reminders via email, at a frequency you set, for the purpose of helping you build
and maintain Your Legacy.

Security – Other Services

Most Other Services use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt the documents and store the key to the
document in their system. They also use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/ Transport Layer Security in the transmission of
data between the client you use and the back end servers hosting the Other Services. Finally, most offer the optional
use of Two Step Authorisation (TSA) to authenticate that you are the user you claim to be. [Sorry for the use of all
these technical terms but there is little alternative when it comes to discussing data security.] But, these Other
Services have one very, very large hole in their security model. When you share a document nothing prevents the shared
party from intentionally or unintentionally forwarding the link to the document/folder to another party. In such a
case nothing prevents that third party from seeing that document/folder.

Security – DiamondDox

In addition to the set of encryption and user validation services (TSA to be available soon) offered by the Other
Services, DiamondDox takes the security of your documents to an entirely new level. First of all, unless your shared
party decides to send their userid and password to another party there is no way that an unintended party can access
your documents (with TSA, they would also have to hand over their smartphone). Secondly, DiamondDox employs a state of
the art proprietary security infrastructure designed by veterans from the Cyber Security Units of the Israeli Defence
Forces. At every stage of the process data, files and keys are encrypted. Like banking web sites DiamondDox times out
your browser to make sure that unauthorised persons can’t inadvertently access your account. We could go on and on
about the security and encryption services as our security team is very proud of the infrastructure we have

“What happens if?” – Other Services

In the very unfortunate circumstance in which you may pass away, there is no infrastructure in place at the Other
Services for handling requests from your executors, attorney or beneficiary in accessing your account. If you were to
leave your account credentials in the hands of someone else, there is nothing that would prevent that party from
deleting or otherwise altering the documents in your account.

“What happens if?” – DiamondDox

In the very unfortunate circumstance in which you may pass away, DiamondDox has a complete process in place for your
designated shared parties to register and then verify the death, legally. Once this is in place the documents are made
available to your designated shared parties so that they can be downloaded, viewed, etc. No one can delete or
otherwise edit the contents of your account because it is frozen.